Research subjects

Research subjects

Summary of our laboratory
– Nanoscopic Surface Architecture Laboratory 2015 (NSA-Lab_2015E.pdf: 4 MB)

[ 1 ] Self-assembled thin films

  • Vapor phase growth of organosilane SAM
  • SAM formation on hydrogen-terminated Si
  • Self-assembled organic-inorganic multilayer

SAM; self-assembled monolayer
SAMs on Si Substrates(PDF file 2.7MB)

[ 2 ] Photochemical surface modificattion & microprocessing

  • Surface modification and microprocessing of organic materials including SAMs and polymers
  • Chemical amprification process with VUV-generated atomic oxygen
  • VUV surface modification of synthetic resins for activation bonding

* VUV; vacuum ultra-violet
VUV patterning of organosilane SAMs(PDF file 1MB)
Activation bondig; adhesive-less bonding technology for synthetic resin(PDF file 2.2MB)

[ 3 ] Scanning probe nanolithography

  • Scanning probe anodization – Nanofabrication of metals and semiconductors
  • Self-assembled monolayer resists for the probe lithography
  • Integration of photo and nanoprobe lithographies
  • Nanoprocessing of SOI substrates

*SOI; silicon on insulator(PDF file:1MB)
Scanning probe lithography with SAM resists (PDF file:PDF file: 3.3 MB)

[ 4 ] Scanning probe microscopy – SPM

  • Mechanical and tribological properties of SAMs
  • Surface potential microscopy for SAMs
  • Probing chemical information of organic surfaces

[ 5 ] Surface processing in ionic liquids

  • Electrochemical surface processing in ionic liquids at medium-low temperatures
  • Redox behavior of electrochemically active SAMs in ionic liquids

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